Head lice – better safe than sorry! – Controlice®

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Head lice – better safe than sorry! – Controlice®

Head lice are an international and growing problem because they are very difficult to eradicate. One of their clever life style habits (from their point of view) is that their eggs, the nits which cling to the hair, hatch seven days after laying. So unless mom’s army mounts a determined second attack and treats the hair again seven days after killing off adult lice with the first treatment, nits will simply hatch and start their infestation all over again.

Head lice have also shown an admirable ability, again from their own perspective, to develop resistance to traditional insecticides. They are also quite adaptable in terms of climate. In warm countries like South Africa, the head lice season starts with warm weather in September and can run right up until mid-winter. Although head lice are quite nimble and quick they cannot jump, so head-against-head is the most common way of spreading them among younger children whose play facilitates this kind of transmission. Infestations can also occur through sharing hats, combs, clothing and swimming towels.

The result is that unless every mom of every child at a school where an outbreak has occurred is absolutely rigorous with treatment, some of the hardy little crawlers will make it through and live to pioneer a new dynasty and a fresh outbreak at the school.

Does this mean that mom is doomed to fight a perpetual battle against these unwelcome little invaders? No! It’s more competent to treat toddlers and primary school children preventatively until they grow out of the “head lice” risk phase.

Controlice®, marketed by Nativa, has a pleasant-to-use preventative shampoo and hair conditioning spray, neither of which contain harmful toxins. Indeed, their defensive active ingredients are gentle enough to be used daily by the whole family:

Controlice® Defence 3-in-1 Shampoo is a plant oil-based formulation that can help to repel head lice and avoid re-infestation. It also gently cleanses and conditions children’s hair. Best of all, it can be used every day and is suitable for the whole family.

Controlice® Defence 3-in-1 Spray is formulated with plant oils that can help to repel head lice and avoid re-infestation. It is a leave-in conditioner which helps to detangle and condition the hair, leaving it manageable and shiny.

Controlice® Oil Spray. The clinically tested formula has been proven to combat head lice infestations. It is formulated from essential oils such as coconut, anise and ylang-ylang whose ingredients have insecticidal, antiseptic, parasiticidal and anti-fungal properties. Controlice® Oil Spray is safe for regular use in children and adults.

Nativa is so confident about Controlice® Oil Spray that they offer a money back guarantee to anyone dissatisfied with the promises on the pack!

To kill adult lice and their nits, spray Controlice® Oil Spray onto dry hair. Work it through the hair with your hands until the entire head of hair is moist enough to glisten and feel slick. Wait 15 minutes. Wash and rinse with Controlice® Defence Shampoo or another shampoo. Then comb out the nits (eggs) and dead lice. Repeat seven days later to avoid re-infestation.

Controlice® Head Rinse Lotion is also a pesticide-free treatment. Its primary ingredient is dimethicone which forms a waxy layer around lice that suffocates them, causing their death. The colourless and odourless liquid is worked through dry hair with the fingers or one of the Controlice® combs, and left on overnight or for eight hours before being washed and rinsed out. Then comb out the nits (eggs) and dead lice. Repeat after seven days. Because Controlice® Head Rinse Lotion does not work chemically, lice do not become resistant to it.

Comb out with the Controlice® Lice Buster Comb or Triple Comb - While treatment is on the hair, de-tangle the hair with any comb then remove the nits (eggs) and dead lice from the hair with a fine tooth comb. It is recommended that mothers invest in one of the two Controlice® precision engineered combs. The Controlice® Lice Buster Comb is designed for long, curly or very thick hair. The Controlice® Triple Comb is ideal for short hair and is supplied with a magnifying glass.