Women’s health

There is an amazing transformation which happens to women in the time between being our mothers’ young daughters and becoming women of strength in other people’s lives, be it as partners, mothers, co-workers or friends. We build inspiration and information for this change through our life experiences and by observing and learning from other resilient women. Their major characteristic is that they don’t give up. They may be challenged on many levels such as lack of time, money or emotional support, or by poor health or family demands, but they keep going because of the people who matter in their lives. It is therefore so important to look after yourself the best way you possibly can. Make sure that you take all the necessary supplements to take care of you and your busy lifestyle.

A good foundation to start with is to take a multivitamin and an omega supplement every day to ensure that you supplement your daily diet with the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Nativa Complex® Multivit for Women is a general daily supplement specifically formulated for women. The active ingredients include vitamins, minerals, resveratrol and lycopene and can assist the body with: immune function-, skin health-, anti-ageing and energy support. Nativa Complex® Omega -3 is a supplement that provides omega -3 essential fatty acids from fish oil. These fatty acids can help lower the risk of developing certain chronic diseases such as secondary cardiovascular disease. Omega -3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and can therefore also support cognitive function.  And very important, especially for women, a calcium and magnesium supplement such as Nativa Complex® CalMag can be used daily for skeletal, and muscle support. The combination of these supplements: a multivitamin, an omega, and calcium and magnesium supplement will form a strong foundation, and one can then add on other supplementation for condition specific support.