Avoid digestive trouble during your holiday

Family time, homemade meals, unhealthy snacks on the beach and lots of alcohol are all a part of the joys of the holidays. The holidays can be very cruel to our stomachs and digestive system with rich fatty foods, lack of fibre, larger portions, overindulgence and the stress of travelling. We pay for that overeating, ending many holiday nights feeling bloated with stomach roiling and that is definitely not part of the holiday fun!

This year, don’t let your digestive problems get in the way of enjoying your holiday to the full.

  • Eat smaller portions to make digestion easier, too much food can slow down your whole digestive system and this can lead to stomach aches and constipation.
  • Holiday foods are generally high in sugar and fat. Both can cause weight gain. Fat slows down digestion and can trigger reflux, so try and minimise food high in sugar and fat.
  • Fibre tends to be missing from the holiday dinner table which can lead to constipation. Make sure you take in enough fibre during the holidays to prevent constipation.
  • Holidays are the time to relax and forget about the normal routine and stress. One can however experience holiday stress as well. Stress can be triggered by crowded shopping malls, sticking to the budget, travel, traffic, and family conflict. This can cause an upset stomach and heartburn and on top of that, many people cope with stress by overeating and drinking too much.
  • Fill up on water, as it lubricates the colon and soften stool so it’s easier to pass, helping to prevent constipation. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses per day.
  • Try to limit alcohol consumption. Drinking too much alcohol can irritate your stomach lining. If you drink, do so in moderation—no more than one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men. Alcohol is also dehydrating, which can worsen constipation.

The Spasmopep® Range contains active ingredients that can assist with your digestive health this holiday season.

Spasmopep® Peppermint Oil Capsules contains active ingredients that can support the body to deal with abdominal cramps, spasm and bloating*.

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  • Support and functioning of the digestive system
  • Promoting the growth of good intestinal flora
  • Supporting regular bowel movement
  • Assisting in the countering of constipation

Spasmopep® Fibre can assist to increase fibre intake and to maintain healthy digestive function. This 3-in-1 supplement includes fibre, a prebiotic and prune extract. These active ingredients can assist the body with*:

  • Relief of constipation
  • Increased overall fibre intake

*Efficacy may vary between users.