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We install anti-virus programmes to scan our computers to identify, stop and fix viruses and threats. We check local radio stations to find out if there are any problems on the routes we plan to take. We get our banks to send an sms each time there is activity on our bank accounts. Checking for threats, catch them early, great idea. So, what about our bodies?

Do we focus on our bodies and how they feel daily? Pick up on those subtle signs of “something starting“? Or even notice when they are screaming for attention? “I’m getting a cold”, we may announce sadly once the wretched virus has taken firm hold. “Hack, cough, snuffle” we scatter germs metres into the atmosphere and other people’s respiratory systems.

For athletes and sportspeople, getting a cold, or worse, flu, is a major disaster because it costs them valuable training time in which they lose form. So they monitor their bodies to an almost obsessive degree. Many don’t get out of bed till they have taken their temperature twice, and if the readings look dodgy they start preventative treatment like Vitamin C and Zinc lozenges in an attempt to head the viruses off.

With plenty at stake, this focus on self makes a lot of sense. The rest of us may choose to be a little more laid back, but keeping a watching brief on what our bodies tell us and reacting swiftly when we start feeling sore bones, sore bodies, sweating, tickly throats and snuffly noses isn’t a bad idea.linc_image2

The right thing to do is to stay home and get plenty of rest, which takes pressure off your body and frees it up to battle the virus. Drink lots of fluids of any kind to help liquefy thick mucous and take over the counter medication to help you cope with the symptoms.

Actives in the tried and trusted Linctagon range can offer a “first line of defence” support to those who are suffering from colds and flu.

Research studies indicate that these actives can help the body to get over colds and flu quicker through their active support of the immune system. Linctagon users generally report that complaints associated with colds and flu like coughing, a sore throat and runny nose, clear up fairly fast.

Depending on where you hurt, try Linctagon-C Effervescent that can help speed up recovery time, or Linctagon Cough Syrup, or soothing Linctagon Throat Lollies, or Linctagon NasalSpray, or… or… The range has 18 lovely products for big and small people to ease their passage through colds and flu, even the terrible “Man Cold”.

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