Upbeat supplements for upbeat people – Go!®

However far you want to go, Go! nutritional supplements from Nativa will help get you there. Modern life is fast and exciting. We are built for speed; comfort can come later. So we’re in the gym, on our bicycles, pounding the streets. We study at night and are in meetings all day. We enjoy the journey as well as the destination. And then the fast lane catches up with us and suddenly we feel flat and demotivated. One cold or infection after the other puts us down.

It’s time to check our internal engines. Good nutrition is the fuel for go-getters, so we need to run a menu check:
Protein that feeds the brain and muscles.

Five to seven fruits and vegetables a day that the experts tell us will keep us healthier for longer. Complex carbohydrates for ongoing energy instead of simple sugary snacks and drinks that give a sugar high and leave us flatter than a potholed tyre.
And the little basics: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids all help to keep our engines revving at peak performance.

Science tells us a lot about what our bodies need. So pack those tuna or chicken salads, those health bread sandwiches layered with protein and salads. Snack on those apples, oranges, plums and berries. Plan to munch well! And since there will always be those days when it’s slap chips in the car or starve, take out daily nutritional insurance in the shape of a well formulated vitamin and mineral supplement to cover all the bases.

Nativa’s Go! range of targeted lifestyle nutritional supplements are formulated to support mental alertness, assist energy levels, bone strength and important immune, reproductive, cardio, nervous and visual systems.

See what Go! WOMAN, Go! MAN and Go! FOCUS (for those studying or needing extra concentration and endurance) can do for you.

The Go! range is available from all leading pharmacies and selected retailers throughout South Africa.


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